† JungLi red light teasers 

harry potter book redesigns 

Goddess Vic walks the wrong way and bumps into the closed gate

do u know where can i download music videos for free

if u are trying to download beyonce videos, hell no. you better pay for that privilege

but any other. yes. just go to clipconverter

you're so cute. you should just be Korean :) heehee

And why should I be something I’m not?…

You know, it’s people like you that make me extremely disappointed in the generation we live in today.. Especially among Asian teenagers and young adults.

You only see what’s on the outside. I can tell you that a lot of Korean guys cheat and beat their girlfriends. And as you may have seen from a small documentary that was release before, the girls are brainwashed into thinking they need to get plastic surgery in order to look pretty and fit in. It’s all too common. And look who else is brainwashed? I know for a fact that many of us deep down inside look up to Koreans like they’re the definition of “perfection”. And it’s just sad.. You’re just feeding into it. That’s the power of the media (Korean dramas, for instance). There’s beauty in every ethnicity and race out there. I have a lot of Korean friends here at school too. I mean, every ethnicity is fucked up in their own little way. I won’t pick favorites. I have love for the Koreans. But anyone wanting to become something they’re not is just really really sad. Also, I hate the fact that Korean male stars brainwash some girls into thinking that every guy needs to look like them.

Thanks, but no thank.. I’m completely fine with the ethnicity I was born with, for it has made me who I am today. I don’t mean to offend anyone. Just be you

Red Light: Mini Posters

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in Beijing

I’ve never felt this way before, I can’t stop, it overflows
As if someone locked it up, my lips won’t open in front of you.